Now Offering Wheelchair Dancing as a addition to our list of programs.
Please call or email for more details.
The Wheelchair Dance Program is a partner program offered by Access Ability Dance through CBZ Foundation.  It is an integrative program that expands the accessibility of ballroom and social dance to people with disabilities.  The program provides a positive environment where individuals with and without disabilities can explore personal creativity, improve physical capabilities, and build confidence as they dance together.  Our motto is “focus on the ability in disability”.

Wheelchair dancing – the most popular form of integrated dance – is just beginning to gain notice in the United States. Europe and Asia already have highly popular DanceSport programs that include international competitions overseen by the Paralympics organization. The United States rarely fields teams at international competitions in part because competitive opportunities are not available. Access Ability Dance is working to expand Wheelchair/Accessible dance through the existing ballroom dance studio and competitive worlds. We envision champion dancers representing the United States at all international competitions one day.