Private Lessons

In this setting a teacher works with a person or couple one-on-one planning the lessons based on student’s needs and wishes. The best way to get dance experience for your investment. 55 minutes long.

Group Lessons

In this setting a teacher works with several students at the same time showing basic patterns, technique, dancing to the music and rotating partners (optional). 55 minutes long.

Options include drop-in class or series. 1 series = 1 month of classes, one class a week.

Social Dance

Social dances classes include popular American style dances that people can dance at parties and clubs. Dance styles we teach include:

- Cha-cha
- Swing
- Foxtrot
- Nightclub Two-Step
- Rumba
- Salsa
- Waltz
- Viennese Waltz
- Merengue
- Bachata
- Country Dances

Private or group setting. 55 minutes long.

Wedding Dance

Wedding dance is your first dance to enjoy as a husband and wife. It is your special choice of music and rhythms, gliding or sharp movements, romantic or fun performance. Our teachers will help you create your dance based on your wishes. Note that the best time to start is 3-5 months before the wedding. Please contact the studio to schedule free consultation.

Also variations of formation team, father/daughter and mother/son dances are available

Youth Classes

The classes start with a warm-up exercises and stretches that help strengthen young students. They study several figures in several dances during a class and combine them together in small routines. Students who want to perform at the studio shows will practice more and perform the routines from classes. Class ends with cool down stretches.

Group setting. 55 minutes long

Youth with Disability

See Power of One tab

International Style

Standard and Latin-American programs dances taught by professional competitive dancers.

DVIDA Preparation and Examinations

US champion and adjudicator Olga Foraponova helps dancers determined in getting a certification to prepare and pass DVIDA examinations.