B-Boy & B-Girl Studio Break Sessions with Pablo D

B-Boying, also called Breaking is the original Hip Hop dance which originated in the streets of New York City in the early 1970’s.


B-Boying demands attention and respect, whether in the studio, on the streets, in the clubs or on stage. This exciting dance requires frequent practice, fitness conditioning, creativity and patience to understand and execute the high energy dance moves.


In our beginners & intermediate class, we will study the history of the dance and the four elements called Toprock, Downrock, Freezes and Power Moves. Our students will also learn proper eating habits, physical fitness, leadership, musicality and dance choreography

B-Boy Pablo D is truly a pioneer of Breaking in the Pacific Northwest and has been recognized for some of the most radical Head Spins, Windmills, Footwork, and out of this world Acrobatics. In 1983, Pablo D co-created Snohomish County’s 1st Breaking Crew, Twilight Patrol. As a crew, we entered & won many dance competitions which elevated our crew and inspired others.

Since those days Pablo D has danced with & against some of the most recognized B-Boys in the world. In 2010, Pablo D co-created the North City Rockers, a multi-generational Hip Hop Crew which through tradition, hard work & passion has become a household name in the dance scene and beyond.

Also through your hard work, contributions and dedication to the dance, you will be invited to perform onstage with the North City Rockers Breaking Crew in events that we participate in throughout the region.

Pablo D has been featured in documentaries, music videos and parts of his Break Dance history can be viewed at Washington Hall’s Hip Hop Museum in Seattle, WA.

Pablo D can be reached at (425) 299-8393 or email: