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Learn with the #1 Dancesport Studio in Everett

Oly’s Dancesport Studio is known throughout the Northwest for caring, competent instructors, and a style of instruction that works to get you on the dance floor.  It does not matter if you’ve never danced before. It does not matter if you feel that you have two left feet. We can teach you how to get out and have a blast on the dance floor!

High Quality Dance Instruction

Oly’s Dancesport Studio opened in June of 2004 with the dream of offering a new variety and style to Everett dancers. We offer instruction in all styles of partner dancing as well as jazz, lyrical, break-dancing, and more. We give classes for beginners through advanced students every day of the week in a friendly, supportive atmosphere where dancers can be challenged and encouraged to dance to their full potential.  Oly’s Dancesport Studio teaches dance to dancers of all ages from 4 years up through adult.

We assume everyone who comes into our studio wants to look great on the dance floor, and we are committed to making that happen. If you have ever dreamed about looking smooth and stylish on the dance floor, we are here to show you how. Now, you may not think this is possible, and that’s ok. Though we haven’t met you WE believe in YOU!  With our methods of instruction, we know we can help you reach your desired goals.

Contact Info

2931 Bond Street, Everett, WA 98201

(425) 257-0102

(425) 750-4313 (Olga)


Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 10:00 AM  – 10:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


We have plenty of parking onsite all day. After 6pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends you can park in the additional parking lots across the street and within nearby businesses.